Songwriting Lessons

Okay, be honest with yourself now: How long has it been since you last wrote a full song…that sounds as great as your favorite artists?

You must have so many feelings and thoughts you need to get out of yourself but you feel like you don’t know how to express them in a way that sounds good in a song. Your own lyrics make you cringe. I’ve been there before too.

You know that feeling when sometimes you sit down to write lyrics, but only 3 lines of chaotic thought come out, then you lose inspiration and give up? It’s like you just can’t finish any song. Gah, writer’s block stealing your mojo huh?

The truth is you CAN get rid of writer’s block forever. I figured it out. But that’s just scratching the surface of the songwriting struggles I’ve overcome.

Like many songwriters, you’d love to see a complete rundown of the best songwriting process, because you can’t seem to put everything together either.

One day, you finally write a cool chord progression, but melodies escape you.

One day, you finally write a melody and go asking people on the internet “what’s the best chord progression to put under this” only to find out this just makes you sound like every other songwriter in the world.

The truth is, the process varies for each songwriter, but you need to know which way works best for you or else you’ll be stuck in weeks of frustration instead of getting a full song done in two weeks like I did here:

Maybe you feel everything you write has already been written before. Ideas come to your head, but by the time you pick up your guitar to try to play it, every chord progression or riff you play is the exactly the same as a song you already know. You’re even worrying about potential copyright infringement! You’re trying to figure out how closely you can come to an existing song without getting yourself in a sticky situation, and you can’t write anything good because you’re so afraid you’ll come to close to an existing song.

You definitely want to sound ORIGINAL and UNIQUE. You want fully formed songs that have a SPARK to them.

And how I could forget. You’re human like all of us. You’re definitely okay at music OR lyrics, but ONE of them is a big, bad, weak link.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why would I ever need to work on my songwriting? I just write from the heart, over simple four chord progressions, and as I write more and more…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I’m getting a little better. That’s fine right?”

Meanwhile you play your songs for your friends and deep down you know they’re pretending to enjoy them. You songs can’t even compete with the other amateur songwriters in town! Your favorite bands’ songs excite you and keep you up all night, but you find yourself avoiding listening to your own songs.

Does any of this sound like you?

Let’s put it this way, if you’re not getting a lot of genuine, heartfelt compliments on your songwriting (with no need to fish for them!), your songs aren’t good enough.

Here’s just one of the unexpected comments I received upon releasing my album:
“Owen, Glow is an absolute work of art. From beginning to end there’s something for everyone and it never bores. I have to say that I think your greatest talent in the whole album is the ability to fill space in the track. There is never a second where it sounds like there’s empty space or something missing which can easily make or break a song. Now all you’ve got me wondering is how you got this good this quickly!” – Jake M.

If you ask any qualified professionals in the music industry about the most crucial aspect of being successful in the music industry, all music industry professionals will emphasize that you need to have great original songs.

Without songs, we don’t have music. Don’t rely on other songwriters to make you wonder if the songs they have you play are good enough to take you far in the industry. If you are determined to succeed in the music industry, you need to know how to create great original music so that you can take control of your success and not rely on “luck.”

Check out my own single “Carved Upon the Wall” to hear my own original style. I’ll tell you how I developed it below.


I have learned songwriting from multiple sources:

  1. Years of musical experience on instruments and music composition software
  2. My first songwriting mentor who got my songwriting ability flying high in only a handful of lessons.
  3. Meticulously studying interviews of my favorite artists talking about songwriting.
  4. Tons of active listening to my favorite artists, trying to figure out what they were doing to make their songs sound and feel so incredible. I study the songwriting of other music more carefully than 90% of the musicians I know.
  5. My studies at Berklee College of Music, taking every songwriting course I possibly could
  6. Collaborating with many talented songwriters
  7. Various books on songwriting
  8. My natural ability to primarily self-teach this particular skill at a quick rate. If you don’t have a serious knack for self-teaching, you will NEED consistent songwriting lessons if you want amazing results to come.

I CHOSE to expand on my success in self-teaching with additional formal training not because I had to, and not only just to get an extra edge over the competition, but also so that I could learn how to teach the skill better! I utilize and teach a hybrid of what I learned on my own as a “gifted” songwriter as well as the “formal” methods I was trained in.

With this hybrid experience I also developed an ability rare to many self-taught songwriters – the ability to actually explain and teach the techniques that I learned from my own intuition.

I have achieved the results I wanted: I love nearly every song I compose and my friends, family, and other professional musicians do too. 

Check out what Robin Lane from Robin Lane and the Chartbuster’s, writer of “When Things Go Wrong” had to say upon hearing my music:

Robin Lane Knocked out…OMG he is so good. ARe you kidding? …I am thrilled to listen to him. I think he loves radiohead maybe. The only thing I can say is tell him from me not to be so shy about turning up his voice. Only listened to the first 2. Makes me so happy to listen. He played everything? Drums too…He’s inspiring me right now this instant.

Robin Lane

Robin Lane the second song his voice is up enough…just the first one. Ok he could be huge, if that’s what he wants

Robin Lane

Robin Lane Now the third song [Find Our Way Home]…I’m truly blown away.

Robin Lane
Robin Lane My mind is blown…this third song…where did he get his sense of melody. What a chorus.

However, I took my time at all of this. I know from my journey as a singer that when I need to learn a skill quickly that I’m not naturally good at, the only way to master it from scratch in under a decade without any prior knowledge is one on one lessons with a teacher who has already walked the path to mastery and arrived at their destination.

With the comprehensive and personalized songwriting instruction I offer, you can achieve songwriting mastery in years, not decades, even with no prior musical experience.

I can even teach you skills outside of songwriting that may be holding your songwriting back, such as better skill on the instruments you may be writing songs with, how to use music composition software, music theory, music production techniques to turn your acoustic songs sound great as full band songs, etc. Everything I know that has improved my songwriting I will be glad teach you in these lessons.

So with that, I have chosen to provide songwriting lessons in person and over Skype for the inexpensive rate of

$25/hr (USD)

In comparison, my songwriting education at Berklee College of Music alone cost about $80,000 USD!

And before that, I had already composed a full album of songs I was proud of within the span of 1 year!

But I didn’t stop at natural talent – I knew I had to really go the extra mile to become the absolute best songwriter I could be, so I could show you how I did it.

But you don’t have to invest as much money or time as I did, because I am here to give you the goods at a fraction of the price and lightning fast speed, focusing on your individual priorities.

I want to give you the deal of a lifetime and watch you soar into songwriting mastery from just a little training with me.

I am ready to walk you through how to become the best songwriter you can be. If you are ready to join me, please contact to book a lesson.