Singing Lessons

I started writing songs before I could sing and it was the most frustrating experience of my life. All of the songs I wrote, I could not sing yet. I had to train for years just to sound good enough to record them in the comfort of my home studio, let alone singing them live at the drop of a hat! I was a very “hard case” singing student right from the beginning. Pretty much everything about my singing was wrong. Prior to training correctly, I encountered the following issues in my own voice:

-Major struggles coordinating my voice after voice change
-Not understanding what vocal registers are what and how to use them
-Incorrect breathing
-Inability to bridge vocal registers
-Inability to access a mixed voice
-Inability to belt correctly
-Singing too quietly and eventually being unable to sing above a medium soft volume without cracking
-Producing falsetto completely incorrectly and having to relearn it from scratch
-Inability to produce falsetto above a Bb4
-Inability to produce chest voice above a D#4 without straining every part of my throat. To get it up to a G#4 I had to yell with brute force and feel like my voice was stuck and hitting a brick wall ceiling. (no this is NOT normal)
-Inability to produce vibrato at any part of my range
-Improper posture
-Neck tension
-Tongue tension
-Jaw tension
-Lip tension
-Incorrect vowel and consonant pronunciation and modifications
-“Blasting” too much air through the vocal folds and having to down 3 large bottles of water every gig to ease the irritation
-Singing without breath support and being completely confused as to how to achieve it
-Weak vocal cord closure
-Complete lack of head resonance
-Lack of pharyngeal resonance/twang or a “bright ping” in the tone
-Lack of depth in the tone
-Inability to vary dynamics
-Awkward phrasing
-Inconsistent pitch
-Instability when sustaining or moving pitches
-Premature vocal fatigue
-Singing without emotion

Enough with the list of the names of these problems, I’m going to let you HEAR them. Here’s a clip from many years ago where I compiled a bunch of different takes I made on a harmony for a cover song and show you how they ALL failed and how I was banging my head against a wall trying to learn to sing with no training. It was the worst vocal day of my life. Brace yourself folks, this is painful to hear and hilarious, but it was only my beginning:

Most people would give up singing after that. But now, through my commitment to proper vocal training, I have solved ALL of the problems above. Here’s my most current singing I’ve recorded:

Taking voice lessons was the most thrilling experience because I learned to master what used to be my greatest weakness and finally be able to sing my own songs and sound like a naturally talented singer.

I specialize in showing singers how to use their voice with full confidence and access the full power and range of it. Many teachers mistakenly teach their students to use their head voice to achieve high notes and claim that this weak head voice will develop into a powerful sound over time, but I found out the hard way that this advice doesn’t work. Power comes from learning to use your full voice. All your favorite singers use their full voice for their powerful high notes and I will show you how to do the same.

I will also help you develop every element of musicality that leads to them being able to “sound good”, including rhythm, pitch, tone, dynamics, and phrasing.

I provide a free introductory lesson and after that, my rate is $25/hr. You can take lessons over Skype or in person.