Double Rainbow Studio

A recording studio in Braintree, MA, that surpasses its competitors in the truly valuable aspects of recording.

The proof is in the recordings!
So here is a compilation of snippets of various projects I’ve recorded:

Depends on the project and your budget. Email me at, send me a facebook message, or call 617-653-1130 to discuss.

Tracking, mixing (attended or unattended), studio musician*, guitar setup, drum tuning

*I am capable of providing studio musician duties on drums, percussion, bass, guitar, piano, organ, keyboard, synth, anything midi, cello, viola, keyboard, vocals, and production textures.

Any time and day that is mutually agreeable among me and the client(s) coming to the session, and predetermined via contacting me.

Reasons why you should record at Double Rainbow Studio:

-As a recording engineer, I have done extensive first hand testing on how to get better sounds through better recording techniques. Many other studios boast about their experience and their high end gear, but their recording engineers don’t have the skill to get the most out of it. I have a strong understanding of acoustics, micing techniques, mixing tricks, what the pros are doing, etc. etc., and have put that all to use through practice in my free time, if not during an actual session.

-I’m also a musician, a multi-instrumentalist in fact. There are so many advantages to this, including better artistic communication with clients, knowing how to make the client feel comfortable and perform at their best, knowing how to make instruments sound good at the source, the ability to double as a session musician, and the ability to double as a producer.

-The main live room is extremely spacious, sounds incredible, and provides a great vibe for the musicians playing in it.

-Live in-studio recording! Most studios make you record alone in a tiny booth with headphones on, which has many disadvantages for both the client and the resulting recording. At some studios, that is the only way they can do it, due to space or equipment shortages, or simply the engineer not knowing how to make a good live recording. Not here. I have acquired enough equipment and expertise to offer both live recording, separate recording, and everything in between, without compromising quality.

-We also make videos here. I have teamed up with some fantastic videographers with high quality equipment, and the result is professional quality videos coupled with professional multitrack audio. It’s a beastly combination that most other recording studios do not offer. You can hear and see some live videos we have done at

-There are top quality instruments here if you want to record with a better axe than what you own, or want to include a unique sound, such as the Hammond organ, in your recording.


The Justin Arena Project
Awesome Express (now The House on Cliff)
Plugged-In Teen Band Program
Owen Korzec
Some Assembly Required
Morgan Brown
Below See Levels
Joe Merrick
Inside the Avalanche
Tyler Shaban
Patrick Logue
El Planador
Leo Curran
Scared of September
73 Miles
Dave Stewart
Alex Korzec
The Nickel & Dime Band
The Black Iron Band


Main live room:
You can see it in the album “studio pics” on this page and you can hear it on the live recordings on my youtube channel

Cubase LE5
Logic Pro X

Audio Interface:
Tascam US1641 (14 simultaneous audio channels)


2x Audio Technica AT2035
2x Shure Sm58
2x Audix i5
CAD M179
Avant CK-1
Shure Beta 57
Audio Technica ATM41
Shure Sm48
Zoom H1

Ampeg B2RE bass amp
Marshall AVT275 guitar amp

Washburn HB35 Electric
Ibanez AW12CENT Acoustic Electric
Fender Acoustic 12-string
Kay built-in effects electric

Ibanez Soundgear SR-300 DXF
Fender Jazz Bass

Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
Boss RC-30 Looper
Boss Super Phaser
Digitech Digidelay
Dunlop Cry Baby

Pianos: (notify me in advance to have one tuned for your session)
2x Wurlitzer Spinet
Kurtzmann Quarter Grand

Yamaha P60

Hammond N-122
Wulitzer organ

’72 Slingerland 9×13″ tom, 16×16″ floor tom, 14×22″ kick
Tama Starclassic Maple 9×10″ and 10×12″ toms, 14×15″ floor tom, 18×20″ kick
6.5X14″ Tama Brass Snare
5.5×14″ Slingerland Chrome Snare
3.5×14″ Pearl Stainless Steel Snare

10″ AA Splash
13″ HH Regular Hi-hats
14″ New Beat Hi-hats (vintage)
17″ A Custom Crash
18″ HH Thin Crash
18″ A Zildjian Crash (vintage)
20″ HH Classic Ride
20″ A Custom Ping Ride
18″ A Custom China
14″ Oriental China Trash (cracked)
Various cracked splashes

Rhythm tech 5″ studio shaker
Meinl wood tambourine
Rhythm tech tambourine
Rhythm tech hat trick, chrome
LP Salsa Timbale Cowbell
LP bongos
Loads of other creative stuff

KRK Rokit 5 G2 Monitors
Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones
EX-25 Extreme Isolation Headphones
Many other headphones
Behringer 4-channel headphone amp