Hey, I’m Owen! I’m a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, and recording engineer. Ever since I was a child, I always believed my highest calling on this earth was to be a professional musician and help other aspiring musicians achieve their dreams. I have not once wavered from this path in 16 years.

When I was five years old, I would spend so much time experimenting with my parents’ keyboard that they had to remind me to take a break and eat. By reading the keyboard manual, I learned basic theory and soon developed the ability to hear any song and play it back. What began as a obsession with one instrument turned into a lifetime passion for music.

My musical interest began to expand to several instruments and when my dad set up his old drum set for me, it became my favorite. I taught myself for a few years and at my first drum lesson, my instructor Dick DiCenso remarked to my father, “a student like Owen comes along once every twenty years.” At the age of 13, I joined the band Inside the Avalanche, and we regularly played shows at clubs and venues in the Boston area. I began to co-write with the band and my multi-instrumental background become an asset to the songwriting process.

In addition to co-writing with the band, I began writing instrumental songs myself. I found it challenging to create songs and be satisfied with the results. I was inspired to overcome this hurdle after watching an interview with singer/songwriter LIGHTS, who said she would only use 1 out of every 4 songs she wrote. I wanted to have that same dedication to creating an end product that I love.

To help me in my pursuit of quality songwriting, I also began taking lessons with Joe Merrick on subjects including lyric writing, which added new depth to my songs and self-expression. I was elated to be conveying a message with my music. Since I was not a singer, Joe asked me, “Who will be singing these songs?” With that question, I realized I wanted it to be me.

I had been able to learn instruments quickly, with the exception of voice. I didn’t have any innate talent with it. While trying to practice on my own, my dad mentioned my voice sounded like “cats in a bag.” Although it was a rough start, I felt that if I could learn to sing my own songs, it would become a crucial part of my identity. I stepped beyond my comfort zone and began taking vocal lessons. I practiced with more focus than I had on any other instrument.

I was accepted to Berklee College of Music, my dream school, as a drum set principal, and immediately tested into level 2 instruction. However, I started to regret auditioning on drums, my strongest instrument, as my passion was really in singing. I decided to switch my principal instrument to voice, an instrument that was not my greatest strength, but was my strongest passion. This challenge has been more rewarding, improved my singing drastically, and has motivated me to put more effort into every skill I want to accomplish.

After 2 years studying at Berklee, I felt it was time to leave school, step into the real world and launch my music career seriously. Now, I am currently working with the Wildfire band, gigging every weekend. I am also the founder of Double Rainbow Studio, where I record and mix, teach music, and host shows for local artists. Last but not least, I am a solo singer/songwriter who goes above and beyond to expand my songs into full-fledged productions. I am driven to become a professional artist known worldwide and inspire other musicians and listeners to make the most of their journey.


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